About Steven

One very busy fellow.

AuthorHint: He wrote those books!

Steven is the author of nine published novels, eight of them with veteran horror author Harry Shannon. The Orchard is Steven's first solo book. He is currently working on two other novels, and—if a certain fan who shall remain namless (you know who you are) has his way—he will publish much much more. Be glad Steven isn't listening to that particular fan.

ArtistHe paints, oh my does he paint.

Steven is an avid contemporary figurative and aviation oil painter. He paints about one or two pieces per week since November 2015. That's a lot of paintings piling up. Some of them are actually good. You can see them at his Art Site.

Publishing ProfessionalSteven makes books.

Steven has been a professional book designer since 2010 and a publisher since 2011. In addition to helping other authors and publishers create great books, his publishing house, Genius Book Publishing, focuses on true crime and music-related photography books, but also a smattering of interesting projects that have had some success. Check it out.

BackgroundAnd far too much about his cats!

Steven earned a BA in Economics/Business from the University of California Santa Cruz, an MBA in Nonprofit Management from the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, and a Masters in Teaching from National University. He has been married to his lovely wife Leya for a while (how long may be a trivia question one day, so you'll just have to guess. It's a while.). They live in the Los Angeles area with seven cats. Steven has had twenty cats in the last thirty years, starting with a beautiful Russian blue named Kermit when he was a sophomore in college. At one point Leya and Steven had eight cats in an 1,100 square foot apartment that allowed them to have a total of two pets (which is a totally true story unless it can still get them into trouble, in which case, no, it was really only two!). Steven would love to have a dog, but with seven cats in the house, it's hard to consider where the little beggar would sleep. On one of the cats, one would expect.

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