Who is Steven W. Booth?

Steven W. Booth

Like many professional writers, I’ve had a broad and varied career doing... well, just about everything.

Okay, that’s not exactly true. I was never an astronaut, or a lawyer (thank God), or an international spy (that I will admit to).

But I have been a teacher, event planner, web designer, taxi driver, business coach, pizza chef, grocery store checker, facilities manager, alarm and CCTV installer, parking attendant, technical support technician (way too often), book designer, database manager, fundraiser, archery instructor, nonprofit professional, author, jewelry maker, online marketer, and publisher.

I have seven (almost eight) published novels and three published short stories (almost four) to my credit. If that doesn’t sound like much to you, it doesn’t sound like much to me either. The last few years have been a little dry in terms of writing projects. I’m on the cusp of changing that.

Most of my published works have been in the horror genre, and nearly all of them with zombies somewhere in the story. I also like to write science fiction, action adventure, and cross-genre mystery and private detective stories. Those are the kinds of books I like to read, and I hope the ones I write will be the kind you like to read as well.

I get this question often, so here are the authors who have influenced me (in order of importance):

As for movies that have influenced me, I have been heavily influenced by Star Wars (now, I mostly use it as a model of the monomyth, and try to avoid using elements from it, since they’re greatly overdone). Another movie that influenced me was Aliens. I referenced that extensively when I was writing The Hungry. Ripley and Penny Miller have the same attitude, even though they faced different foes. Two other movies deserve mention: Ghostbusters and Sneakers. Both of them do an outstanding job of using exposition and backstory. Most people have seen Ghostbusters, but if you haven’t seen Sneakers (Robert Redford, Sydney Poitier, Mary McDonnell, Dan Aykroyd, David Straithern, River Phoenix, Ben Kingsley, and James Earl Jones), it is worth every minute you will spend with it. And Jaws. Jaws is just perfect. Watch it. Roy Scheder, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw. And a killer shark. Perfection. 

I am heavily over-educated, having earned a BA in Economics and a minor in History from UC Santa Cruz, an MBA in Nonprofit Management from the University of Judaism in Los Angeles, and a Masters in Teaching from National University. Don't bother asking me what I do with all this education. The answer will bore you. 

I've been married to my favorite person in the whole world, Leya, since 2000, and we have a revolving collection of cats (or they have us, depending on who you ask). 

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