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Notes and News

November 2015

I am currently working on a nonfiction book entitled The One-Author Small Press: Publish Like a Pro. I realized that there are many books on how to self-publish, but too few that really discuss what it takes to be a professional small press with a single author. This is important because if you are producing at least a couple of new books a year and you own 100% of the net royalties, you can make a lot of money in publishing. There is a pattern that I see over and over that works fairly consistently, and I want to make sure you know it so you can make the right decisions for your writing career. There is so much more an author can do with their publishing career, and I feel the experience I've had as an author and publisher will be important to others.
To be sure, the books out there are clear that publishing is not for the faint of heart, but each one takes a specific view of the publishing industry. The goal of The One-Author Small Press is to bring together best practices for publishing with research into long-term audience building. I am working with several other publishers and successful authors who are making sure that the information I provide is as useful, practical, and potentially successful as possible.
The core of the book is the research I've been doing since 2010 on marketing books. I've combined this with my business background and my experience training and consulting with entrepreneurs. Some of the ideas are not new, but no one has ever brought them together like this before. The One-Author Small Press: Publish Like a Pro should be ready for publication by January 2016.