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Notes and News

Much has happened since my last update (for those of you keeping score).

Writing Projects

At the moment, I’m working on publishing one new novel, and completing another. The new novel, Blood Desert (co-written with Harry Shannon) is releasing on February 16, 2018. It’s a new take on Penny Miller, a prequel of sorts, before the zombies arrive in Flat Rock, Nevada. This time, Penny and her ex-husband Terrill Lee are battling a new threat—vampires. That’s not too much of a stretch, considering I’ve always considered vampires to be the same as zombies, only with dialogue and character arcs. Blood Desert is another exciting ride with Penny and may open a new timeline for Penny and her gang of companions.

The other novel is a solo project, Continuity, a time-travel mystery. Carlos San Sebastián is a time-traveler who spends most of his time in 1890s San Francisco gambling, drinking, and sampling the local women. He is also the heir to the patriarchy of his family of time-travelers. When Carlos father, the current patriarch, is murdered out of continuity—six years before Carlos is born—it’s up to Carlos to solve the murder before the Great Clock, which enforces the laws of time travel, corrects the timeline and Carlos and his estranged sister Monique disappear. The only problem is, Carlos is no expert time traveler. His father couldn’t have picked someone less qualified to solve a problem like this. When things get ugly, Carlos must seek out Monique, who is unable to time travel, to help him solve the mystery. Monique wants nothing to do with Carlos or the family, and if the murder didn’t threaten her existence as well, she would be just as happy letting the lot of them rot in hell. Things don’t just go from bad to worse. They go deeply into the bizarre as Carlos and Monique learn the truth about time travel and confront an enemy who knows everything they do before they do it.

Art Projects

In late 2015, I started painting, starting with acrylics and then moving to oils. Since that time, I have painted over 80 paintings (actually more, but I don’t have records of them all, and some of them were not worth keeping around). According to my wife, Leya, I paint mostly “chicks and jets,” as my work focuses on the female form and airplanes, though I have done landscapes, animals, men, and a few other subjects. You can find my art site here. I try to do one or two paintings a week, though most of the time I’m happy if I can just get some painting time at all. I am currently trying to get a showing for some of my more recent (and better) work.

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